[av_google_map height=’400px‘ zoom=’16‘ saturation=“ hue=“ zoom_control=’aviaTBzoom_control‘]
[av_gmap_location address=’Infinity loop‘ city=’Cupertino‘ country=’USA‘ long=‘-122.03074809999998′ lat=’37.3319426′ tooltip_display=’aviaTBaviaTBtooltip_display‘ marker=’46798′ attachment=“ imagesize=’40‘]
As you can see you can place unlimited markers, attach tooltips and also set custom images for your markers!
You can also tint the map, apply saturation etc :)
[av_gmap_location address=’Valley Green Dr‘ city=’Cupertino‘ country=’USA‘ long=‘-122.0330361′ lat=’37.3315469′ marker=’46798′ attachment=“ imagesize=’40‘ tooltip_display=“]
This is another tooltip
[av_gmap_location address=’Lucile Ave‘ city=’Cupertino‘ country=“ long=‘-122.02550819999999′ lat=’37.3339428′ marker=’46798′ attachment=“ imagesize=’40‘ tooltip_display=“][/av_gmap_location]
[av_gmap_location address=’Greenleaf Dr‘ city=’Cupertino‘ country=’USA‘ long=‘-122.04038309999999′ lat=’37.3306862′ marker=“ attachment=“ imagesize=’20‘ tooltip_display=“]
This is another small tooltip :)
[av_gmap_location address=’Merrit Dr‘ city=’Cupertino‘ country=’USA‘ long=‘-122.02224749999999′ lat=’37.3301794′ marker=“ attachment=“ imagesize=’20‘ tooltip_display=“][/av_gmap_location]
[av_gmap_location address=’Dunbar Dr‘ city=’Cupertino‘ country=’USA‘ long=‘-122.0380745′ lat=’37.3297997′ marker=“ attachment=“ imagesize=’20‘][/av_gmap_location]

[av_one_full first]
[av_heading heading=’Some Information‘ tag=’h3′ color=’meta-heading‘ style=“ padding=’10‘]

You can display a google map element anywhere you like. Here we are using the template builder to display a google map element with multiple locations.

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About Frederic Dittmar

Hallo, Mein Name ist Frederic Dittmar! Ich bin Coach für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und beschäftige mich seit nunmehr 5 Jahren mit dem Thema Trennungen, Panikattacken, Depressionen, Glück und Vitalität! Ich freue mich das du zu uns gefunden hast! Und hoffe, dir bei all deinen Problemen weiterhelfen zu können! Lies hier mehr über mich